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The newly reorganized John Conrad Weiser Family Association is offering to keep records going forward of Weiser descendants living now and their offspring.  Paulette Weiser in Arizona, who is on the Weiser Family Association Board, is willing to collect and compile this genealogical information. The Weiser Family Association may sometime in the future start posting the same online.

The Weiser Family Association encourages all descendants to become members of the Association, which includes persons throughout the United States. Annual membership is $20.00; and life membership is $200.  Payment can be mailed to Douglas J. Weiser, 509 Lake Valley Drive, Hazleton, PA 18202.  Doug is the current President of the Weiser Family Association; and its website is weiserassociation.com.

The information to be submitted by contemporary John Conrad Weiser, Jr. descendants OR descendants of his siblings should include as much as possible of the following ~ dates and places of births, marriages, and deaths of all family members and spouses marrying into the family.  Place of burial is also of interest.  In addition, a very brief work history and information about post-secondary school, college or university attended may be included. This would follow the information included in the two volumes of Weiser Families in America published in 1997.  As well, it would be helpful if the persons participating could indicate their complete line of descent or their family ID number, if they know it, so that information will be placed in the correct family position within the family lines, down from Conrad Sr. and his children.  Remember that the John Conrad Weiser whose homestead is in Womelsdorf, Pa., is John Conrad Weiser, Jr.

To submit Weiser current family information to Paulette Weiser, send an e-mail to pauletteweiser49@gmail.com.   As well, information may be sent to the Friends of the Conrad Weiser Homestead, Attn. Cindy Mendelson, 30 Weiser Lane, Womelsdorf, PA 19567-9768. Information will be forwarded to the Family Association.  At the Conrad Weiser Homestead, forms will be available that may be used to supply and submit this family information.

John Conrad Weiser Family Association